• Totalisator


United Tote offers one of the most secure and feature-rich totalisator systems in the pari-mutuel wagering industry. Using highly controlled system access levels, data encryption techniques and unlimited system redundancies, our totalisators ensure data security and integrity. United Tote totalisators are designed in the popular C++ programming language, and use a single software code base for a consolidated solution versus “island” systems that are patched together. This approach ensures consistent security, quality, software maintenance and operational procedures.

United Tote’s core totalisator supports account, telephone and internet wagering, and easily accommodates multiple inbound and outbound simulcast signals. These systems also have the ability to handle a variety of pool types and betting styles approved in major jurisdictions including, but not limited to most major U.S., Canadian, South American and South Korean locations, as well as support multiple currencies on terminals and ITSP, and cross cash between systems.

United Tote Totalisator System Advantages

  • More than 6,200 simultaneous seller connections possible with capacity to process transactions from over 9,000 wagering terminals simultaneously.
  • Capacity to host more than 300 daily events.
  • Multi-currency conversion from remote to host, and conversion from local to remote’s currency.
  • Anti-money laundering monitoring.
  • Highly flexible tickets and wager receipts format and content.
  • Advertising capabilities through content server.
  • Internet, telephone, on-track mobile and wireless account wagering.
  • ITSP compliant.
  • Net Pool Pricing.
  • Totelink Web Services platform allows for business optimization products to monitor real time track and customer performance.
  • Continuous enhancements, changes and maintenance are available to all United Tote customers.
  • Highly flexible API.
  • Reliance on commercial standards allows us to capitalize on external design and engineering expertise while providing a clear and cost-effective upgrade path for future innovation.
  • Third party integration, including lottery and fixed odds on the same terminal.